All the ideas we have of ourselves are ULTIMATELY false.

All the ideas we have of ourselves

are ULTIMATELY false.

Any asserted or resisted definition–

call it I, identity, self–it is

not who we are! It’s a product

of who we are! It’s the bubble

we created to operate from

within. It is the definition that

we wear, and it determines our

experience of other bubbles.

Ego is the effort to protect the


— Harry Palmer, Living Deliberately

Everything is true

I had a realization: Truth is relative to the point of view from which it is perceived. What I look as and where I look from determine my perception of truth. I experienced deep compassion as I understood that everyone, from their viewpoint, is seeing truth. I think this is a key understanding for creating a harmonious civilization.

dumping grounds

* Course Outline
** Welcome
*** History
** Truth
** Reality
*** p.163 – sane and pragmatic vs psychic, insane, nonsane
** From Reality to Truth
*** via logical proof
*** via Creation Myths
** From Reality to Truth over Time
*** Dreamspell calendar – 13 moons + 1 day out of time
** Isolation
*** Isolation and God
*** Isolation Tank, Described
**** e.r. interlocks are minimized to zero
**** p.91 – inner realities to be penetrated
**** p.129 “when given freedom from external…”
*** Social Isolation
**** Social isolation welcome

** Temple, Ceremony and Ritual
*** definition of terms
*** Temple is designed to encourage social isolation
**** p.126 TDS
*** The ceremony is done with a mind to reduce communication, control and coercion
**** p.210 – “Once you can get into the tank with no preprogramming…”
**** Ceremony outline
**** Big communication no-nos
***** no suggestions on what can or will be experienced
***** p.136 judgement of performance/accuracy
*** Truth Ritual
*** Greeting Ritual
*** The ritual takes place
*** Post-ritual should nurture social isolation
**** p. 129 “range of phenomena great than society will accept”
**** any post-communication is initiated by the
*** Night time is an allright time
*** Time limits

Declaration of Faith

  1. We believe that TRUTH exists for you alone. It is entirely personal, subjective and free to change: IT NEEDS NO VALIDATION BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE INITIAL CREATOR/OBSERVER.(ref: “Spiritologie” by Andreas Buttler)
  2. We believe that REALITY is the degree of agreement existing between two or more persons or beings. REALITY is not TRUTH or something that ‘actually and really is so’. It is a “contract” or “agreement” which remains in place subtly or overtly via freewill or coercion.
  3. We believe that the search for TRUTH can be initiated, developed and completed in isolation and in fact do equate isolation and TRUTH.
  4. We believe the isolation tank is an ideal temple to reveal TRUTH.